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A place for learning professionals to learn and share how

ai and neuroscience will impact the future of learning


What you will find

AI Tools to accelerate the design and development of learning assets.

Community to post questions about AI, neuroscience, or learning.

Unique points of view in the

Resources to help you navigate the future of learning.


About Us

Our team is dedicated to investigating how AI and neuroscience will impact the future of learning.

We delve into the ethical considerations of using AI in training and development and how to ensure that it is used responsibly and beneficially.


What our members say


Experiencial Learning

“ (2) (1)

While AI and neuroscience have their place, hands-on activities and real-world scenarios provide the most effective way for learners to truly understand and apply what they have learned. By focusing on experiential learning, L&D professionals can help learners develop the skills they need to succeed in their roles and stay ahead in their careers."

AI vs Neuroscience

“ (2) (1)

While AI has its place in the L&D field, I believe that a focus on neuroscience is ultimately more important for developing truly effective learning and development strategies.

AI can actually be helpful

“ (2) (1)

Through this website, I have learned how AI can actually be a powerful tool for L&D professionals, enabling us to create more personalized and effective learning experiences for our learners.

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