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L&D Professionals: Watch for these innovations in AI

Updated: Jan 10

Hey, L&D professionals! Here at The Thinking Effect, we're all about keeping you ahead of the curve, so here are some significant innovations in AI that will impact L&D later this year and into 2025.

  • Multimodal Mania: Get ready for learning experiences that go beyond text prompts. AI's evolution now includes sound, images, and even physical interactions. These new capabilities will redefine just-in-time learning, performance support, and knowledge management.   In addition, the responses chatbots provide extend beyond text, ensuring more nuanced, human-centered learning experiences.

  • Context Explosion: Remember feeding AI crumbs of information? Well, that’s a thing of the past. Get ready for a feast! AI's understanding of context is about to expand significantly. Echoing the need for nuanced AI applications in L&D will make learning experiences more adaptive and responsive, catering to individual needs and preferences. All in line with the personalized approaches we've emphasized previously.

  • Wearable Wonderland: AI innovations bring us smaller, smarter, and cheaper language models, perfect for powering tiny AI brains in wearables and devices. Think earbuds whispering personalized language lessons, smartwatches providing coaching, or even VR glasses creating immersive learning simulations – all controlled by smaller language models.

  • Speedy Training, Stellar Results: Buckle up for lightning-fast AI training! This means quicker development of new models, lower costs, and ultimately, sharper, more effective AI powering your learning experiences.  Think about L&D having their models trained on your leadership model, aligned with your cultural norms and organizational vision, providing just-in-time learning.  

  • Specialization Station: Dedicated AI models for specific tasks are on the rise. Think automated grading, personalized feedback bots, and targeted content creation – all handled by AI specialists trained to do one thing exceptionally well.

We're here to help you navigate this exciting journey, so let's build a future where learning is as diverse and dynamic as the human mind itself! 

Leave us your feedback in the comments on what you would add or modify to the list above.


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