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Are you interested in having Markus or Mike speak with your L&D or leadership team about AI? Do you need help building your AI strategy?  Or are you looking to collaborate? Please contact us.

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About Mike

Mike Vaughan is the Chief Editor at The Thinking Effect, a platform dedicated to helping L&D professionals learn about and use AI tools to advance their careers.  He is also the CEO of The Regis Company, which specializes in providing AI-driven tools to accelerate the design and development of business simulations.


Mike has been at the forefront of educational technology and adult learning for 25 years.  He earned a master’s in cognitive neuroscience from Middlesex University, London, and degrees in psychology and computer science. In addition to speaking at TEDx on the Power of Questions, Mike authored the books "The Thinking Effect," "The End of Training," and "Strategic Performance Learning."

About Markus

Markus is a specialist for AI Strategy and provides consultancy services as well as facilitates workshops for teams, and leadership.

Recognized as a Fellow of the Learning Performance Institute (LPI) and affiliated with organizations such as the Forbes Technology Council, the HBR Advisory Council, and the Learning Development Accelerator (LDA), Markus Bernhardt is a recognized authority, author, panelist, and speaker in the global learning and HR community. 

Previously serving as Chief Evangelist on the vendor side, Markus has been at the forefront of combining cognitive science with digital learning transformation and AI. 

Prior, Markus held the CEO position at two education institutions in the UK, backed by an extensive leadership background serving in executive and non-executive board roles.

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