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As a cognitive neuroscientist and computer scientist, I am driven by a deep passion for AI and experiential learning. My fascination with AI began long before its popularity when its practical application and computing power were limited. This led me to merge my interests in neuroscience, learning, and technology.


During my exploration, I stumbled upon a remarkable book by Peter Senge called The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. Senge's insights profoundly influenced my thinking and shaped many of the ideas and concepts that permeate my work. His argument that organizations can enhance their effectiveness and purpose by developing a systemic understanding of the world resonated with me. I firmly believe that experiential learning can potentially facilitate this kind of growth in individuals.


The outcome of my endeavors is a framework I call The Thinking Effect—a virtuous cycle that involves unearthing flawed or outdated mental models, exploring novel and more productive ways of thinking, and reinforcing new habits of thought.  Here's a study I did using simulations.


What excites me further is the advent of innovative platforms like SimGate, which have made this experiential learning affordable and scalable. With SimGate, we now possess the tools to revolutionize how people learn.


I am genuinely thrilled about the transformative potential of The Thinking Effect and technologies such as SimGate. I firmly believe that they possess the power to surface and improve mental models.

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