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insights, ideas, research, articles, and points-of-view to help you navigate the rapid changes in ai, neuroscience, and experiential learning


Expanding AI’s Impact With Organizational Learning

Organizational learning with AI is demanding. It requires humans and machines to not only work
together but also learn from each other — over time, in the right way, and in the appropriate contexts.


LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report

LinkedIn’s report shows that while hiring has slowed around the world, many forward-thinking employers are prioritizing internal mobility, in part because employee skill-building is linked to higher rates of retention.

World Economic Forum

Future of jobs 2023: These are the most in-demand skills now

The World Economic Forum has predicted these likely skillsets – and how demand for them could grow – in its Future of Jobs 2023 report.


ChatGPT and AI in higher education

The Quick Start Guide provides an overview of
how ChatGPT works and explains how it can be used in
higher education.

Top Employers Institute

World Trends Report

The World of Work Trends Report 2023 presents the latest trends in people strategies and practices emerging from leading organisations worldwide.


Highlights of ChatGPT 4

What's new with ChatGPT 4


The State of Organizations 2023: Ten shifts transforming organizations

Can AI play a role in building the organization? You better believe it.

World Economic Forum

Future of Jobs Report

Economic, health and geopolitical trends have
created divergent outcomes for labour markets
globally in 2023

JAMA Medicine

Comparing Physician and Artificial Intelligence Responses to Questions

A study comparing ChatGPT vs. Doctors for responding to patient questions demonstrated the clear-cut superiority of ChatGPT for more accurate and empathic responses.


Ethics in the Age of AI: Generating the Future Responsibility

co-founders of Ethical Compass Advisors, share fascinating insights where the potential pitfalls might be with generative AI.

Evan Armstrong

When Content Creation Goes to Zero

The most significant consequence of AI is that it will push creation costs to zero.

Khan Academy

World-class AI for education

By leveraging AI, we can bring the benefits of one-on-one tutoring—deep understanding, confidence, clarity, and empowerment—to all students.

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