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Automatically create short, highly-sharable branded videos from your long form content


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average rating is 4.3 out of 5


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Comments/Use Cases

Pictory AI has truly transformed my video production experience. Its auto sync feature, coupled with a user-friendly interface, has been a blessing for newcomers like me in the content creation realm. The accessibility of essential functions within Pictory has simplified the entire editing process, allowing me to focus on creativity rather than navigating complex software. As someone who struggled to find the right tools to start a YouTube journey, Pictory has been a savior. The platform's design not only streamlines the editing process but also adds an enjoyable touch to content creation. My only desire would be for Pictory to introduce more templates to further enhance the creative potential.

Video creation for learning and development purposes

Quick to figure out how to use this

SEO and marketing. Easy for beginner to use

Simple to use script to video platform

The AI effectively matches stock videos to the script, and what's even more impressive is its seamless capability to swiftly swap those clips for more suitable ones. I frequently utilize this feature to transform blog posts into corresponding videos with ease.

AI is satisfactory but necessitates a lot of editing for valuable content

Pictory AI’s voice rendering is decent, but extensive editing is required for usable content. However, the absence of support for resolving Google Sign-in cache issues at a premium price point is disappointin

Easy to use and anyone can make a quality video that is personalized through this app

video creation

Love it but standard plan does not cover Automatic Voice-over synchronization

Broadcast media

Easy way to create short videos

In my role I have to make a quite a few videos. You can produce professional videos in about an hour.

Easy to make and create videos for any business or marketing channel

Marketing and advertising in a small business

Pictory's AI voice rendering offers a decent output but demands extensive editing to add real value. The absence of support for resolving Google Sign-in problems, despite a high subscription fee, is a major letdown

Using to create videos for L&D

Pictory AI is, by far, the best tool I've encountered for effortlessly crafting engaging videos. Its simplicity is unparalleled, yet it boasts a robust set of features that elevate the entire video creation process. What I adore the most is how it takes my video script and magically transforms it into a complete video with perfectly synchronized captions. The automation in syncing voice-overs to the video is nothing short of amazing! While my current plan limits the AI-generated voice-over to English, the diversity of English options available still impresses me. Pictory AI's ability to seamlessly synchronize the voice-over with the video content is a game-changer, making the overall experience nothing short of impressive.

The core beauty of Pictory AI lies in its ability to address a common challenge: video creation

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